Story Telling Wedding, PortraitĀ  Photography – Fort Worth

Beautiful. Artistic. Focused.

bride under veil from pence and penache outside at weston gardens in fort worth texas Story Telling Wedding, Portrait Photography - Fort Worth

Story Telling Wedding, Portrait Photography - Fort Worth

Hi! That’s me, Katie. On the right! I wish it was the one on the left sometimes, but no that’s just an example of my lovely weirdness that comes out sometimes when I shoot.

I crack jokes but let’s be real, I am gorgeous!

Self love is theĀ  most important kind of love there is! I have to practice that in order to see the sparks love creates on the other side of my lens.

I trust people, I love people. If I cease to see the best in people, hate wins. That is not acceptable.

Kayaking is the best outdoor physical activity in the world. The thought of new adventures and new places to explore thrills me to no end.

This year my husband, Billy and I celebrate 10 years of fights, kisses, love, support, anger, sadness and happiness together. He is super-cali-swagalistic-sexy-hella-dopeness. I am a hostage of his beard though, like for real.

Real. Earthy. Passionate.

These are the things that inspire my passion and creativity. The story of me, my story of true love, and your stories.

I’m an avid reader. I love a good story and I can’t help it.

Like the story of Ashley and Stewart who knew the draw they had for one another as soon as they met. Who were so goofy and endearing it was hard not to fall in love with them yourself. Especially when you heard the proposal story and how Stewart had given Ashley the wrong ring!

Like the story of Ken and Kenneshia who match each other so perfectly it’s hard to imagine them as separate people. Their relationship is grounded in the strong faith they have in one another and mutual respect. It is powerful to witness.

Like the story of Chanci and Caleb, two hard working, young professionals. They recovered from a dangerous love affair to be the power couple they are today.

My one and only goal is to make every couple, every bride, every mother and father, feel like a rock star. You are the most important thing to me and I value your trust and kindness so much. I strive to make each experience with me full of laughter and adventure. Something you won’t forget and don’t have to because you have the gorgeous artwork to prove it.

I give myself, my soul, my craft, my love and trust to my couples, my mamas and daddy’s to be, my seniors, my families, my kiddos. I give myself to those people because they give themselves to me. Your vulnerable, most private, and joyous moments are mine to chronicle. You aren’t afraid of your emotions, you laugh and cry freely. You trust in my art and you value it above all else because you know that one day it will be all you have.

For this, and for your story, I thank you.



“Outstanding! Amazing photography” -Scott