Dallas Heritage Village Wedding || Lindsay + Josh

Dallas Heritage Village Wedding || Lindsay + Josh

Dallas Heritage Village Wedding



Wow. What a cool experience. This is the first time I have ever attended a Dallas Heritage Village wedding and it was so cool! Not only are there so many different buildings to see, that fact also allows each bride and groom to customize their own experience.  I was incredibly impressed with the whole day! Luckily for me, Melissa Shook of Shook Photography picked me up as her second photographer for the day so that I could get a chance to see this place and spend all Saturday with some of the neatest people. The bride and groom, along with some of their friends and family, were theater majors so there was NO shortage of laughter, jokes, and, well, theatrics.

It was a simple day with exquisite details. The flowers were perfection, the weather was outstanding and even the time was on our side. I think Melissa and I were both in shock of how smoothly the day went, we had so much extra time for {for all kinds of activities} it was unreal! The reception hall was like a cottage in the woods, full of music and dancing, love and excitement. When it was finally time to go, my feet may have thanked me, but I could have stayed up all night watching them dance.

Rocking. Cool. Wicked. Beautiful. REAL. Classic. This is Lindsay and Josh.

Please enjoy.

*All images taken for Shook Photography.

Michael Kors grooms tie and shoes groom getting ready groomsmen getting flowers pinned bridesmaids holding dress dallas-heritage-village-wedding dallas-heritage-village-wedding dallas-heritage-village-wedding dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215 wedding-photographer-75215 dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215 dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215 dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215 dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215 groom laughing at dallas heritage village bridesmaid bouquet bouquet bridal dallas bridal bouquet dallas texas dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215 wedding-photographer-75215 dallas-heritage-village-wedding 27 wedding-photographer-75215 dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215 dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215 wedding-photographer-75215 wedding-photographer-75215 dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215 37 38 dallas-heritage-village-wedding 40 41 42 dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215 wedding-photographer-75215 46 wedding-photographer-75215 48 49 dallas-heritage-village-wedding 51 52 53 wedding-photographer-75215 dallas-heritage-village-wedding 56 wedding-photographer-75215 58 dallas-heritage-village-wedding 60 wedding-photographer-75215 62 63 64 dallas-heritage-village-wedding wedding-photographer-75215


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Did you like what you saw from Lindsay and Josh’s wedding? Please leave me a comment below to let me know your favorite part! {mine was the reception!}

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  1. Outstanding job capturing all the emotions and details of this amazingly stunning wedding!

  2. beautifully captured wedding! I just love all the detail shots and the true emotion that shows on their faces

  3. Love the story these images are telling. They will certainly cherish these forever

  4. Beautiful images! You did an amazing job capturing the story of their big day!

  5. What a great story you were able to tell through these images. I absolutely love the location and all the details. Beautiful couple.

  6. Thanks so much, it was a perfect day!

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