Fort Worth Valentines Day Idea|| Fort Worth Couples Photographer

Fort Worth Valentines Day Idea|| Fort Worth Couples Photographer

Fort Worth Valentines Day Idea

Fort Worth Couples Photographer

Are you ready for an incredible Fort Worth Valentines Day idea for you and your date? Read on my lovely creatures because this post is all for my Fort Worth couples!

I feel like a complete anomaly over here! After you finish reading this please let me know the truth, am I?

I see all of these amazing photographs of all of these beautiful couples throughout Fort Worth and surrounding areas and I can’t help but think, how could I make that experience even better?! Sometimes my mind {OK maybe all the freaking time} doesn’t quite settle down at night and it tends to be when I do my best thinking but unfortunately I get too lazy to get up and write it all down so I end up forgetting until days later when it begins to come back in pieces. Well, here we are days later on the cusp of remembering a great idea {if you could assure my husband that everyone does this he won’t look at me so crazy anymore}.

Generally, when people book a photo session they are only thinking of one thing.

Am I going to get great images?

If I could I would like to pose a question to you instead…. Can we make this about more than “Just great photos?”




Are you lost yet? It’s OK I was too when I first began to ponder this. I mean what else is a photographer for if not just for great photos? Well, that is what I am here to answer and hopefully you can help.


Here is the deal. Taking photos isn’t even quite a passion for me, it’s a craving, a calling. That’s right, I crave the sold and purposeful tools in my hands. I have a creative mind so I also feel compelled to write, draw, paint etc…. When I pick up a brush I smile, when I pick up my camera I die a little each time from pure joy {you know that feeling when something makes you so happy that the pride and joy that swells up inside you make you feel like you are about to blow the fuck up? Yeah that}. Lenses are a piece of art in themselves and, can we say camera bags? I mean hello, why wouldn’t another reason to buy a great bag {or 5} be cause for celebration?

Now that all of that is out in the open I need to be honest with y’all about something. There are a couple of major things in this industry really bothering me and I am determined to change these things for at least my clients. Of course I hope the messages spread and become common practice. The first has to do with living in the digital age and the lost art of printing your images. This point we will cover another day in great, great detail. The second, however , is what I wanted to talk with everyone about today and that is giving you, the client, something more, something extra and turning the photo shoot into an incredible experience, into an adventure.


Now I know that this isn’t for every client or every photographer and that is amazingly OK!!! If there was only a single way of doing things, this would be a very simple planet to live on, and clearly, it’s not.

OK, I can tell you are a little confused. Here is my thought process. You pay good money to get professional quality photos of yourself done, right? What are you paying for? You are paying for an experienced professional to guide you through the entire process and make it fun! You’re paying for a friend, a critique, an artist, and of course beautiful images of yourself and your family. You spend an hour or so walking from spot to spot, transitioning from pose to pose, which is awesome, I still do that, but it isn’t the end all be all. It isn’t … enough. What if we could change it up just a little. I want to add one more thing to the list of things you are paying for, the experience.


Let me blow your mind with a list of crazy questions…

… Shall we?


Right now, are you paying for someone to send you a beautiful info graphic full of the seasons new trends, fashion ideas for your shape, insider information on the best spots to find that perfect thrift store outfit?

Do you have a professional that scouts out the perfect location that fits your personality and styles your session accordingly?

Does your photographer make diagrams on the direction they want your session to take?

Do they check on you periodically to make sure you know, and approve of everything that’s going on behind the scenes and that you aren’t having issues on your end?

When you get to the session, are you nervous and awkward? Does your photographer let you in on the secret the awkward is the cool new thing?

Do you move from pose to pose, or are you directed from feeling to feeling through actions, memories and emotions?

After your sessions you you receive a beautiful but blah online gallery or generic Walmart DVD and then are left to decide what to do? OR Do you have a trusted adviser who guides you, in person , through beautiful products after showing you a gorgeous and emotional slideshow full of carefully selected and hand edited images of … wait is that YOU? Oh Hell yes! You thought it was a celebrity!

Do you get a “thanks for coming” email after it is all said and done or, hand delivered products that you get to unwrap like birthday presents {cue the sprinkles and glitter}?

In short, shouldn’t something you pay good money for be more than just another photo shoot?

This brings me to my Valentines Day date ideas for y’all here in Fort Worth. Without being cheesy, sometimes I will run themed sessions for my clients, I call them Limited edition sessions. Since they are a shorter time you are able to lump some major products and discounts in with each one.

You are so freaking in LUCK because there is one coming up.

This one is only for COUPLES {I still love my families though}. I give you a little hint why….. guess when this event is being scheduled for? February 13th! So, instead of the usual movie date for Valentines Day, make it extra special by adding a new element and going on a photo excursion. Are you proposing? This is the PERFECT FREAKING GUISE, you surprise her with beautiful photos and then BAM you pop the question and have it all recorded in beautiful photos! Even if you are not proposing this will be such a fun and new thing. Get out there together and truly make some memories. Even though the sessions are shorter you will still get the full treatment. Come on Fort Worth does Valentines Day dates better right?


What the heck do you get anyway?

-Phone or Skype Consultation

-In person consultation {sign contract, pay deposit, design your vision}

-30 minute photo session

-Hand designed 8.5X8.5 soft cover photo book showcasing all edited images from your session

-Images added to my Facebook so that you can tag yourself and share with your friends and family

-1 high resolution digital image with a print release {pick your favorite}

-Private photo reveal at your ordering session

               + 25% the entire product store for participating in one of my limited edition sessions.

Wow! That’s an incredible amount of goodies…..

What the heck is that worth?

What is it worth or what do YOU pay? Everything you see here in this package is worth OVER $1200… HOWEVER- my Limited Edition guests receive all of this for only $449 {wow! sorry! That sounded so infomercially {yeah that’s probably not a word}.

Other Details:

50% down {non-refundable} due when you sign up {I can’t reserve a time spot without this}. The remainder due 48 hours before the session.

Sessions begin @ 7:30 in the morning and run throughout the day until 6pm as follows:









BONUS {aka FREE STUFF} – If you book a session then refer someone who also books a session you will both receive 1 FREE 16X20 CANVAS {whaaat?} – thats over an $950 value for FREE!

Please email me at [email protected] to book your session.

So, if you stayed with me through this whole thing weigh in your opinion below… Am I the ONLY one out there would want to get an exciting adventure out of a photo session? Am I the only one who wants to experience it rather than just “get it done?”


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