Fort Worth Engagement Photographer || Lekenneth+ Kenneshia

Fort Worth Engagement Photographer || Lekenneth+ Kenneshia

Fort Worth Engagement Photographer

Lekenneth+ Kenneshia

It’s True… It’s Love

Explore. Connect. Be driven to new places, new things, new ideas. Concede to someone else’s teachings,  give another person authority to be absolutely and entirely right. Give yourself entirely to one person and feel pain, loss and love. It’s an extraordinary opportunity we have, being alive, something so fleeting yet it’s the most lasting thing we can comprehend.  What is this foundation that we have built, the reasoning that we must fear failure, the we cannot accept difference, anger, sorrow, heartbreak? Intertwined with those experiences are things so incredibly precious- acceptance, love, ecstasy, renewal, faith, pure joy.

Had I taken away my right to connect with each single part of myself I would not be on this journey. Never, would I have met two people so incredibly matched. Weird, strange, awkward, depressive, anxious, real, trustworthy, happy, loving, bright, funny, a little crazy, a little lost but all me. These are the badges I wear, the essential parts of my vitality. Without these marks I would have never been placed on the  path that has led me to more complete and whole people. People like Lekenneth and Kenneshia are especially rare. I am allowed to be with people, really with them, midst their most vulnerable moments. People never truly want to be their real self, their whole spirit, it hides behind the foundation of fear until a sense of community and realness are perceived. Don’t be that person. Don’t be who you are afraid to be. Be in love, be strange, different, awkward, funny, weird. Acquire the ability to go mad, fall madly in love, fall madly out of love, accept the right to be emotional and shine brightly.

Be the embodiment of what these two people represent. Learn from this raw, emotional, organic love.


Happy Anniversary. Two years and growing.


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