5 Unique Ways to Save on Your Wedding

5 Unique Ways to Save on Your Wedding

5 Unique Ways to Save on Your Wedding

Sanity and Bucks

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Congratulations, you are getting married! Also, I’m sorry, you have to plan the wedding.

Anyone who has ever been involved in planning a wedding knows that the excitement doesn’t always keep it’s steam throughout the planning process. It quickly becomes apparent that you have no idea what you are doing, and at some point you just want to elope and be done with it ( check out this post on unique ways to have a gorgeous elopement – coming soon).

! Hang on a second, let’s take a deep breath and back up. Weddings are stressful for sure but there is a better way! Let’s get back to enjoying the process and have fun with it!

There are a few common knowledge ways to save on your wedding that we won’t go over in depth today but I will list them at the bottom of the page just in case you need a refresher.

If you are planning a wedding and feel lonely, stressed out, and desperate for some relief then you are in luck! Here are 5 UNIQUE ways to save (money and sanity) on your wedding day.

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1. Hire a Wedding Planner – SANITY + BUCKS

Wait, how does spending MORE money help me save anything? I know it is a little off putting but seriously, and I am just going to say it, they are worth every penny and you just need to suck it up and make room in your budget (this is sarcasm, and not sarcasm at the same time). Not only will they have the knowledge and skills to find ways to cut costs on your wedding, if that’s your priority, they will also allow you the freedom to enjoy the process again. Having a wedding planner on your team means that you won’t ever be alone while putting together this big event and you will be able to have fun while doing it! For those who still don’t think they could even dream of affording a wedding planner IT’S OK! I know I was harsh in the beginning but in reality, I know not every budget is going to be able to stretch that far so don’t worry there is more here to help you.

bride on the dance floor with bare feet at hidden pines chapel in Dallas, TX

2.  Actually TALK to Vendors at Bridal Shows and Open Houses – SANITY + BUCKS

Whoa there. Crazy concept I know. Does every vendor hope to book at least one wedding per show? Of course they do, those things are expensive and SO MUCH WORK. Does that mean they are all going to be sleazy sales people? Absolutely not. Even if you have already booked some of your vendors, take the time to sit down at the booths you are drawn to and ask questions! Even if you don’t take advantage of the show specials they are having I guarantee that you will walk out of there armed with a wealth of knowledge and probably quite a few money saving tips.

  • You know what? While we are on the subject, GO TO ALL THE SHOWS! Free food and fun? Sign me up. This is a wonderful opportunity for a girls day/night out!

bride holding her dress, close up of lace on wedding dress at the brik venue in fort worth, TX

3. Find Your Tribe – SANITY + BUCKS

Get online, get out into the public and find your tribe! Being a part of a group of people going through the same thing that you are can be so uplifting and helpful. You will get a chance to vent, joke, ask questions, get advice, and get a deal! Facebook is a great place to start. Just search for a local bridal group, a lot of them can be vendor spammy but have hope, and join a couple of them until you figure out where you fit perfectly. Participate in discussions and have fun hunting for deals as people post their wedding left overs.

For my #1 money saving tip head over to my latest “Wedding Tip Wednesday || Prioritize” (<Click), blog post and discover why setting up a solid priority list should ALWAYS be first on your list to setting up a good wedding planning foundation.


bride and groom intimate moment in dallas , TX 4. Get Your Partner on Board – SANITY

A lot of the time, the wedding planning falls on the shoulders of only one of the participants. Whether it’s by choice or the disinterest in the other party, JUST STAHPP. You can’t do this alone, and you shouldn’t have to. Take a time out to explain why making this day special is so important to you then ask your partner for their honest participation. For those that think they don’t want the help, cut that shit out and allow your partner to help you. Who cares if they don’t have the best taste, or aren’t the most interested, this is an event celebrating the both of you and the love that you have created together. It’s about time that the wedding reflected that.  If you are the one backing off because you would rather let her do all the work or say “it’s her thing”, cut that shit out too. Don’t put this whole huge thing on your partner, at least pretend to be interested. You might be surprised at the money saving connections your fiance has when y’all actually sit down to talk about things.

  • I was recently a second shooter (hired by the main photographer to help out) at a wedding and was literally told not to worry so much about the guys. The bride was clearly the focus of the day so there was very little of the groom and his guys getting ready, joking around, and virtually none of his special details. Maybe it’s because I am a mom of two boys but I always get upset when I see how much the groom can get neglected.

close up of cake topper and top of cake at fort worth wedding venue

5. Cakes – BUCKS

They are beautiful and they are yummy, but do you have to have a 10 tier masterpiece? I have two creative ways to get around the wedding cake price tag assuming the cake isn’t super high on your priority list. If the way your cake looks and is incorporated into your wedding is super super important to you then make sure you hire a PROFESSIONAL BAKER and have them create a gorgeous display for you. I have seen wedding cakes done so SO many ways and two of my favorite ways also happen to save you a bit of cash.

Take a trip to your local baker and pick out 3-5 small cakes with simple decor instead of one large tiered cake. You will get different cake options for your guests, and can save hundreds doing it this way.

Along the same concept are bundt cakes. With delicate, drizzled icing, and a flowered topping several bundt cakes on display is gorgeous and much cheaper than the traditional alternative.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments…

I hope you got some use out of this little list and please remember to pay it forward and send other brides this way for 5 unique ways to save on your wedding.

Do you have your own money or sanity saving tips?  Please share them in the comments, we would love to hear!

OH! Before I forget, here are the more common ways to save on your wedding:


  • Slash the Guest List – less people=less money spent
  • Get married on a weekday or off season
  • Have the ceremony on your church
  • Pick a venue ( like a garden in the spring) to save on flowers
  • Choose a photographer that owns a sister company, same brand at a cheaper price point
  • DIY the shit out of it
  • Buy used attire or rent!
  • Take a longer engagement and buy things out of season on clearance
  • In season flowers
  • Buffet style dinner instead of servers
  • Skip the RSVP cards and opt for email instead

Did I miss something? Put it in the comments below.




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