Halloween Inspired Bridals Fort Worth

Halloween Inspired Bridals Fort Worth

Halloween Inspired Bridals Fort Worth

Creepy Styled Photo Shoot

These Halloween inspired bridals Fort Worth are gearing me up for a fabulous holiday!

I’m beginning to feel a little like how this faux bride looks. Lost, sad, wanting, waiting… I think she might have lost someone, I think I might have lost myself. This realization is as ironic as it could get considering she is the direct result of pieces of me. Seeing her personified, out in the open I realize two things; one, I’ve been hiding, and two, I am ready to claw my way out.

This wicked shoot was a compilation of the minds of myself and the amazingly talented Mallorey , owner of Sweet Things Bakery in Mansfield. Of course we could not have pieced it all together without the help of Kristen, owner of Haute Floral in Dallas. Her bouquet design is incredible! All I did was give her a mediocre explanation of our theme and she came up with floral pieces that embodied the entire look!

Being able to create something with someone else’s vision is a pleasure and privilege, but getting to create something completely based on your own vision is thrilling! Seeing your imagination come to life stirs up so much in your it’s unreal. Now, this was a simple shoot, not a ton of moving parts but it still helped me to realize how afraid I had been of really letting my business be an extension of me. How afraid I had been of letting my personality on the outside reflect who I am behind those closed doors.


Breaking Loose

When describing myself, incredibly self aware and insecure come to mind. Being polite comes easy, but so does being vulgur. Food is my crutch, my incessant need to eat all the things sickens me. Itchy feet, itchy feet and wander lusted. Cuss words give me strength. “Hipster” culture excites me. I WEAR LEGGINGS ERRYDAY, ON THE REG! They are pants.
Eventually, tattoos will cover my arms, part of my head will be shaved and I will have unapologetically pastel hair and a nose ring. I’m so, so … no really … sooooo awkward! I get depressed quite easily and cry all the time over the littlest things. I am kind spirited and give many chances, but once you burn me one to many times I’m done with you for life. I’m lazy, just really lazy. I like to disappear into myself and need space, if you are friends with me this can be hard to understand but there are times where I don’t want or need your company and it can last for days or months. I love so deeply it hurts.
A snapshot into my personality, just some things I am going to work on showing a little better.


Time to be Wicked

Back to this beauty. I have been wanting to do a Halloween inspired shoot for a long time and I have just never been inspired enough to go after it. Finally, it all came together, and so quickly. Well, some of it had been waiting awhile. Much to Beardman’s (the husband) dismay I have been slowly filling up his garage with odds and ends I mostly find on the curb. This chair, oh this chair, was really grinding on him. It is torn to shreds, dirty, and one of the legs is broken but I knew she had one last things to do in her life and I wanted to give it to her. So glad I held on to this chair for like 6 months. I knew the opportunity to use it would present itself eventually (Beardman currently rolling his eyes).

The rest of it are odds and ends Mallorey and I had laying around our houses, did we mention we love Halloween. Finally the shelf is another curb find I had picked up and spray painted the day before. As for my gorgeous model and her incredible dress? That is sweet Mallorey herself in her mother’s wedding dress. How amazing is that thing?!? Pretty cool right? But did you see those florals and that sugar skull cake? Holy shit! Fort Worth and Dallas Wedding vendors are the most creative and the most talents out there!

Florals : Haute Floral

Sugar Skull Cake : Sweet Things Bakery

Photography : Velvet Sage Photography

Styled by : Velvet Sage Photography and Sweet Things Bakery

Model: Mallorey of Sweet Things Bakery





















Interested in having your own fun styled shoot? Maybe of your kids in their Halloween Costume? Maybe you want glamorous holiday photos or feel like becoming a Disney princess for the day. What ever your fantasy, inquire below and let’s see what kind of magic we can create.

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