Fort Worth Newborn Photography || Fresh 48 in Hospital

Fort Worth Newborn Photography || Fresh 48 in Hospital

Fort Worth Newborn Photography

Fresh 48 in Hospital

Fort Worth Newborn Photography and Birth Photography. Beautiful, passionate, breathtaking, scary and sometimes tragic, that is the reality of childbirth. Our bodies can incredibly create and accomplish so much. It is even more incredible to watch one woman, one family accomplish this twice in one year. With loss, life always follows and this sweet family experienced both in 2016. Their tender angel Parker was born sleeping in January of 2016. This was followed so closely by the incredible birth of his little brother in December of 2016. This is Hudson’s Story.

Photo of the Skyline in West Fort Worth from a Hospital Parking garage

December 2016

I took my time that morning thinking back on a day much like that almost a year ago and I noticed something, it’s as if my own memories are directly tied to the emotions of the weather. As my tear stricken face made its way to the hospital in January of 2016 the roads were silent and the sky was a wash of gray. The sky was full of so much muted color that it deafened the sounds that Saturday morning.

This December 2016 morning however, there was something else happening, although just as fitting. The sky was a soft gray and blue with a tiny tint of dark gray. This was diffusing the light in such a way that it allowed a blinding brilliance of yellow laced sunlight to seep through. The sun sat visibly behind the clouds and overtook me with its beauty. It’s soft but striking light made the surface of almost everything sparkle, but only just. Life was muted that morning but it sparkled. It was as muted as happiness tends to be as it falls on weighted shoulders.

See, Hudson was born in the same year that his brother Parker was born sleeping. I was privileged to play the role of memory keeper to both of them and I hold that office with such pride. Fort Worth newborn photography is about being part of something so pure and so much bigger than yourself.

Viwe of the front of the Fort Worth Hospital Baylor All Saints The front and enterance of Amdrews Womens Hospital Labor and delivery Fort Worth


Such Power Such Grace

Their parents, along with the rest of their family shook me with the bond they carry for one another and I urge us all to take that lesson and build on it. Seek out those who need your kindness most and let that wave of passion and beauty take hold in the world.

The inside of a hospital parking garage in fort worth Baylor all Saints fort Worth Front Fountain

I Challenge You

I’m issuing a challenge to every single person who takes the time to read this far, it’s up to you. It’s up to you to transform hate, fear, loathing, animosity, and rage into something much more pure. Sit and watch a child today, learn from their unwillingness to be overtaken by these emotions. Even my selfish toddlers who don’t completely understand social rules understand that kindness outweighs a tantrum.

Fort Worth newborn photography is proof that we all began life in that pure form, even the most vile of adults were once protected in this way. So my challenge to you is to find that child within yourself again and set it free. Allow your naivety to come forth and slash the chains binding a stranger. Release kindness wherever you can.

I’ve been thanked for giving this family a gift but my kindness is a selfish gift for me. The smiles on their faces, the warmth in their kind words, the thought that Hudson will have a chance to relive such an important moment in his family’s history, are all such wonderful motives. These things are gifts this family has given me by allowing me to become part of their story.

It’s so easy to be kind.

Newborn Footprint record at Fort Worth Hospital Little brother newborn hat Dad holds his newborn baby at baylor all saints fort worth Father smiliing at his newborn baby at fort worth hospital close up of a daddys hands in black and white as he cradles his fort worth newborn Daddy brushes fort worth newborn babys hair to show him off lifestyle fresh 48 black and white fort worth newborn photography Mommy learns how to breastfeed at this fort worth hospital dad stands close by as he supports his wife in a hospital bed learnign to breastfeed fort worth newborn photography close up of babys full head of hair dad stares at his bundled up newborn baby boy at the fort worth hospital dad sits with baby born at fort worth hospital dad supports mom as she learns to breastfeed folling the birth of her son at baylor all saints in fort worth baby is breastfeeding at fort worth hospital dad sits close by to support his wife breastfeeding at fort worth hospital baylor all saints newborn at andrews womens hospital getting blood sugar checked fort worth newborn photography fort worth newborn photography back and white of newbornd face in hospital newborns face at fort worth hosiptal near harris methodist downtown Newborn baby sleeping next to mom on fort worth hopital bed near texas health downtown black and white of a newborn in a hosptial bed close up of details back lit black and white photo of a fort worth newborn in moms hospital bed mom holds her fort worth newborn close in hospital bed dad watches blurred out in the background as mom cradles newborn baby at fort worth birthing hospital black and white close up of fort worth newborn photography feet full length photo of a newborn being held in fort worth hospital ned near beatufiul begginnings birth center overhead look at a newborn bundled up at baylor all saints fort worth profile color version of newborn bundled up his profile in fort worth newborn photography fort worth newborn pphotography is fresh 48 in hospital of bundled newborn in their andrews womens hospital newborn bed fort worth newborn photography shows a full head of hari on this newborn at his fresh 48 in hospital


I hope you enjoyed this Fort Worth newborn photography gallery and video and hope that I have passed on a spark to you that will ignite the world.

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