Wedding Planning HELP

Wedding Planning HELP

Wedding Planning


wedding day help bride lying on the ground with a sugar skull cake over her face
Photo: Velvet Sage Photography, Cake Sweet: Things DFW, Model: Mallorey Bradford


Wedding planning help is on the way! Do you feel a little like the bride in this picture? Like, “Yes! I am going to make it, I’ll be dead by the time I get to the alter, but I’ll get there dammit!” Determined, yet feeling a little lost and entirely hopeless? Let me say it, Wedding planning SUCKS! I give mad props to those who choose to do it for a living, but for the rest of us…… it’s like we can no longer even.

Don’t worry, wedding planning help is here and I am so glad to have you. After you read through this post take some time to read through the blog for other industry tips and tricks including Timelines for Planning Virgins.


What Stage Are You in Right Now?

It’s hard. It’s expensive and hard to plan a wedding. As brides and grooms I know that you start off so so strong. you have the goal in your minds eye, you’re so excited and you cant wait to plan the perfect wedding.


As the day gets closer you start to see how something that used to be so clear to you is now maybe a little out of your reach. You are still determined but you are beginning to get burnt out, and starting to feel like the cosmos is coming up on your left to snatch your dreams right out of the air.


Then it happens! Whether it’s family drama, an unforeseen emergency, a big fight, or you realize your budget is not up to par with your dreams, things begin to unravel and while you are still reaching out it’s it’s now only for show and simply because of your true grit.


So, what do we do when our wedding planning has been snatched up by the cruel hand of the wedding demons sent straight from hell with the only mission to make us go completely bald by the big day?


We get ready to shove those bitches right back down into the fiery pits with big old smiles on our faces! With a little wedding planning help of course.

As a Vendor I Have Noticed a Few Things…

I think what we as vendors tend to loose sight of the fact that we DO THIS ALL THE TIME and the majority of couples HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. Which is why I love the Facebook group North Texas Bridal Network so much. Jodi Washington of Double You Photography began the group a few months ago and I am so thrilled to be one of the moderators.  The collaboration we have there is unique. We can help and educate brides at the same time and it’s such a beautiful mixture of professionalism and friendship. So, if you need an immediate lifeline and you live or are getting married in North Texas, ask to be added today and make sure to let them know Katie over at Velvet Sage Photography sent you over.

Now, what I think brides tend to loose sight on is the fact that weddings are a LUXURY. I know most of us want the traditional wedding staples and we want it to be what we have always dreamed. However, and I am sorry for this truth bomb because I know it sucks to think about and it sounds callous for me to come out and say it like this….

Weddings are not a life necessity they are a luxury and luxuries are expensive to buy because they are expensive to put together and make happen.


mother of the bride gets ready to walk the bride down the aisle at the orchard wedding venue in Azle Texas wedding planning help
“MOM, don’t kiss my face, just pretend. This makeup cost me my first born child and the little toe on my right foot!” Photo by: Velvet Sage Photography


I see posts all the time that have been breaking my heart because I realize how much of a shock it is to find out how much each element costs. So if you are in a bind, I wanted to lay out a few practical steps you can take to lower your wedding costs OR end up with everything you have always wanted.


1. Make a list of priorities …

…Before you start planning. Find out what is most important to each of you and what you may be able to cut from the big expense list and what is a must. {Want a DIY priority guide worksheet for free? contact me today! Be sure to let me know that you would like the guide.}

2. Elope. Just Elope.

If you find out that both of you tend to lean towards a fun and romantic get away rather than being surround by people… Then don’t even bother with a big to do just because you feel like you have to. Take that money and RUN! Get yourself a beautiful dress, have him pick you some wildflowers, climb to the top of a mountain with an ordained friend and a bad ass photographer … { * cough cough* I travel *cough cough*} … and get hitched in the midst of the majesty of nature.

3. Have a Long Engagement!

People hate to hear this one. They want to be married ASAP but often are not willing to compromise on other things to do so. If you have a specific vision for a big wedding, a lavish wedding or you just know you want everything to be perfect and all vendors to be professional – have a long engagement!!

Sure, the real prize is being married to the person you love most in the world. However, that doesn’t mean all of us want to skimp on the actual wedding. Some people want all of the bells and whistles and that doesn’t make them selfish or materialistic and it certainly doesn’t mean they don’t care about the marriage. But if it’s important to you to have all of these things just take time to realize that luxuries cost money and sometimes lots of it. So a two or three year engagement may be the sacrifice you make to achieve those wedding goals.


You have never done this before. Wedding planners have done this lots of times. Hire one. You will thank yourself. They are a true life saving investment.

5. Use Common Sense.

Vendors run specials around big holidays. Bundling saves money… etc

6. Utilize Your Vendors.

Like I mentioned before we have done this a time or two. We can help you make the most out of your time and budget. Ask questions and accept help.

7. Cut Your Guest List to Necessity.

And Don’t let other people bully you into something you don’t want. No, your mom does not need to invite all of her co-workers, yes even if she is paying for part of the wedding.

8. Pop up Weddings are a Thing…

…If you have a small guest count, like really small. There is tons of variety and they are beautiful and fun and LOW STRESS. They are low stress because the company plans everything for you. Different companies conduct services differently but generally you can choose the color scheme and they take care for the decor, cake, music, food officiant etc.

wedding planning help fort worth baker makes small simple cake for fort worth small wedding photography
Photo: Velvet Sage Photography; Cake: Sweet Things DFW by Mallorey

The Luxury of the Wedding Industry

Vendors have so many costs associated with running a professional business. Just like any other business out there.

*Full disclosure, my NET SALARY was 18% of what I grossed in 2016. That’s a lot of expense and overhead.

When a vendor charges $6,000 for a service that does NOT MEAN that they get to pocket $6,000 and go on a little vaca. We are not trying to overcharge you, we are not trying to make this difficult, we are not trying to dash your dreams. We are simply trying to make a real living by doing something we are passionate about.

So please realize that “affordable” and “doesn’t cost an arm and a leg” and my favorite “reasonable” are not actually real phrases that make sense. They are so relative to who is reading them. I feel like my prices are very reasonable based on my overhead and expenses to stay in business, my experienceand my customer service, but I realize that may not be how everyone see it.


If you want to save stress and get right down to business. Don’t put out a post saying…

“ISO: reasonably priced photographer”

Instead say…

” I am looking for a wedding photographer. My wedding is Saturday November 4th, 2017 and ideally I would like two shooters for 6 hours. We are getting married at the Bell tower in Fort Worth, and I can spend no more than $2000.”

This does you a service and vendors a service. When you give as much info as you can in the beginning it will allow only vendors who can accommodate ALL of the points to comment or contact you. This cuts the list down so that you don’t have as much bullshit to sort through. It also saves you from heartbreak of a vendors commenting, you falling in love with them, then realizing you can’t afford them.

fort worth wedding photography groom portrait

ATTENTION: Brides and grooms and vendors….


Instead it’s purpose is to to hopefully to add a little perspective and transparency to a big and scary industry. Also, to offer a little life saving, wedding planning help. So Congratulations on your engagement, and I hope you find a way to rise above the bullshit and have the day of your dreams!



Did I get your attention? I would love to hear from you. There is little availability left for 2017 however I have opened up the 2018 booking calendar through May! Don’t miss out on getting your wedding captured by Velvet Sage Photography and contact me today! I am currently booking weddings in DFW, TX and other locations around the world for additional travel costs.





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