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How to prepare your children for their portrait session

Raising two little boys has given me the most intense sense of stress and anxiety that I have ever felt in my life! It’s a wonder that I enjoy being a Fort Worth family photographer so much!  I’m continuously feeling guilty for working too much, allowing them to get so wired that I’m constantly getting on to them, and stressing every second that I am out by myself with them. They are CRAZY, out of control and so very sweet (but they don’t listen to me and I yell too much). Sound familiar?

If you have been putting of beautiful portraits of your family together for too long because you are so anxious about your children not listening to you or going wild, fret NO MORE! Today, I am going to give you some concrete tips on staying sane so that you can get your annual family portraits done and actually enjoy the experience!


5 Tips to Killer Portraits of Your Children


  • Let Them be Wild and Free and Trust Your Photographer

Tears, frustration and sometimes PURE RAGE comes from trying to get my kiddos to do one simple little thing, like standing still for a picture. So, with that said, I KNOW that this is a hard one for parents but, you must relinquish control of the whole situation to the photographer. This is why it is important to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL, and someone you trust! This does NOT mean that you should allow your kids to abuse their freedoms by hurting the photographer or their gear however (it happens). It does mean that you should take a deep breath and embrace the chaos around you.

Play with your children and know that if your hire the correct photographer they will get images that you love. Making a little one stand stick still for a posed photograph doesn’t do anyone any favors.


  • Make sure they Come Rested and Well fed… (but not Overly so)

Babies, and little kids (even big kids) get grumpy and uncooperative if they are tired and hungry. We don’t want them to be wired or sluggish but naps and healthy snacks go along way. (it’s even great a great idea for parents too! )


If I can only stress one idea from this whole post it’s PLEASE DO NOT YELL AT YOUR KIDS!!!!! Don’t yell, don’t threaten and don’t hit your kids. I am not against spanking and I am not out to shame any parenting practices but it is so important to the health of your investment that you do not do any of these things during your session. I personally have it in my contract that if I feel uncomfortable at any point that I can leave the session without giving you a refund. It’s more specific than that but you get the idea.

Plus, if you make your child upset in any way we can loose anywhere from 5 minutes to the rest of allotted time while we try and regain your composure and your child’s. If you get frustrated for any reason it’s best to just walk way from the situation and let the photographer spend time getting portraits of just your children. Let them play and just know that any family and child photographer knows that breaks and creativity are part of the deal!



Bribes may not be savvy, they may not make you feel good and they may tacky in most situations but you are making an incredible investment in your family portraits. Bribes are a great way to rescue that investment if your children begin to loose focus or motivation.

We are not talking promises here either. Promises are quickly forgotten by your child and the can easily and quickly resume their previous behavior. Real, physical rewards are best! Candy, their favorite snack, sugar free tic tacs, etc! Be sure to bring a variety of things that are not messy and that your child will actually enjoy. Snag some super cute snack pods from Walmart or Amazon and pack them full!


  • Dress  Them Comfortably

You want your child to be perfectly stylish and adorable for the images that will hang in your home for years and years but you also want to make sure its something they can comfortably move in. Itchy, stiff clothes are no good, no matter how cute they may be. Chose clothes that look good on and ones they can play in.

Make sure to ALWAYS bring extra outfits as well! I LOVE stocking up on the adorable and soft seasonal lines at places like Carter’s and Old Navy! They have fun patterns and colors that are made to play in. Take a page out of the session below and get your little girl a maxi dress that she can run and twirl in!



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Jenny and her babies joined me in this giant Sunflower field just the other day and we were able to create some incredibly beautiful and emotional portraits of them in the dying Summer sunlight. I hope you enjoy looking at their images. Full disclosure – Jenny’s kiddos were not unruly but actual little angels! They helped me create this set for their momma and were so sweet the entire time!  


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  1. I LOVE your photos. I have a family shoot on Thursday and I’m totally going to use your advice from the photographer’s standpoint ;).

  2. These are some great tips. I know that hoping their children will behave ‘perfectly’ can be a big source of stress for parents. But, just relaxing and being gentle and loving and let them be who they are is really the best idea. You’re right, they should put their faith in you as a photographer to capture them being the loving family they are!

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