Wedding Photography Fort Worth, TX  | Garden Wedding

Wedding Photography Fort Worth, TX | Garden Wedding

Wedding Photography Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth Botanical Garden Wedding


Wedding photography is something that is close to my heart. Out of all of the things that I love to photograph, it’s at the core of my passion. Whether it’s so intimate that only the couples and I are present, or a huge wedding full of friends and family of the couple, I enjoy it all.

This garden wedding is a perfect example of what I love so much about this type of photography. There are so many surprises, so much joy and laughter and even a few sweet tears { I’m always sure to stock up on Kleenex before every wedding}. Weddings put your emotions through the ringer and it’s hard not to cry and laugh until it hurts, off and on all day long!

Something that simply tickled me all day was how excited Alyson’s dad was. Everyone was so sweet but her dad was especially giddy. They call me the dad expert (okay so maybe I only call myself that) because, while dads are notoriously bad at smiling in pictures I always seem to get a genuine grin! None of my usual tricks were needed that day!

I can’t get over how perfect the purple details were throughout Alyson and Tyler’s Fort Worth garden wedding! They had natural, fresh blooms and foliage covering the space surrounding the ceremony site in different shades of purple which matched the linens and exit ribbons!

Early Spring turned out to be the absolute best time for this Texas garden wedding right here in Fort Worth. Providing the photography for this wedding was an honor and so thrilling! 


A little about yourself

T: We’re both teachers in urban high schools in Fort Worth.

A: Spending our time together cooking, eating, hiking, and playing board games when we aren’t snuggling with our dogs.

T: Also, we like to garden, de-stress from teaching, and watch me play video games!


Your story

A: We met in the Honors dorm at Iowa State University.

T: Ya… specifically, though, we met in the elevator headed down to do the Beardshear run. I didn’t know Alyson – I hid in the corner of the elevator and wondered who was this upperclassman goddess of the honors floor. The Beardshear run is a challenge at Iowa State: sprint from Beardshear Hall to Curtiss and back, across the main green of ISU. Before the midnight bell chimes 12 times. For an added challenge, disrobe on Beardshear, run like the wind (with only the wind to protect). And be fully clothed again before time is up. How modest was Alyson? I’ll never know – I was turned around the whole time!

A: I don’t like to be cold; hence, no “added challenge” for me 😉


A: After months of hanging out watching Tyler play video games, doing physics homework and playing chess together, Tyler decided to drive up to Minnesota to visit me during winter break. We went to the science museum as friends, and left dinner holding hands.

T: I remember getting a kiss in the car before dinner. But Alyson is right about living near each other at ISU: we hung out for quite a bit before I realized that I had a beautiful, smart, interesting young woman who wouldn’t leave me alone – and maybe that’s a good thing? It took me 9 years to make the same realization about making her my wife.


How did you feel immediately after your wedding


A: Did that really happen? It went so fast! Also yay we are married!

T: And honestly, some pretty quick thoughts of, “I can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out!”


What would you do differently next time, if anything

T: I’d remember my pocket square. And I’d give someone written directions on how to structure the first hour of the reception. Also I’d bring a video game to play with the best man or something to keep myself busy before the pictures started.


What advice would you give others who are planning their wedding

We’re teachers, so we have lots of advice to give.

See next answer, but definitely: plan multiple events! Part of the reason the wedding was so low-stress is because we had multiple opportunities before the big day to greet and catch up with our family and closest guests. The wedding was about enjoying each other and enjoying our company, rather than a mad dash to make sure everyone felt involved. A morning wedding allowed us to do a brunch reception and an evening after-party, which was much more casual and allowed for longer conversation (and more drinks!). We had our rehearsal dinner two nights before so we could have a family-and-friends party the night before. All the events were cheap to cater and buy drinks for, compared to the other expenses, and were some of the best money we spent.

Let people help! The phrase I heard before the wedding was, “Pick three things and let your mother-in-law-to-be decide them without fighting her on them.” My advice would be to change it to: “pick as many things as you will let yourself let go of.” The mothers-in-law were whirlwinds of making plans and decisions – trusting them and letting them have major control took major stress off of us.

We also recommend setting up a honeymoon registry (see any of the online sites; we went with because it was easiest). We’ve lived together for a few years so we didn’t need the new-home-starter-pack. The guests enjoyed the thought we put into the honeymoon ideas and enjoyed not having to travel with bulky gifts.

Instead of ordering a limo for your exit from the reception, just get a fancy uber! Or better yet, ask one of your friends to order it 10 minutes before you need it, so you don’t have to pay for it! On a related note, task someone with paying for things for you during the reception. I signed a bunch of checks and then gave a trusted friend the checkbook and a list of vendors and amounts owed. I was care-free on the day of the wedding on that end!

Well before the wedding: find a local jeweler to help you create an engagement ring. You can let so much more of your personality as a couple show in a ring you design with their help. The rings you share with each other will be so much more meaningful.

And of course, we recommend searching social media to find a wedding photographer whose pictures present a personality you’re comfortable with. We found Katie through her work, which was our favorite because of the playful and candid shots she got of her clients. Then, when we met her, we found her to have these qualities and to be caring and detail-oriented, two things we needed at that point in our wedding planning! Given that the photographer controls much of the wedding day timing, it’s good to find one you trust and enjoy being around.

Best thing about your wedding day

Having the wedding in the morning! We were able to party, leave the reception, then go back out later to continue celebrating with friends and family. The ceremony and reception all seemed to go so fast, so we were glad the party wasn’t over after we left the reception.

The moments just before the ceremony started were pretty cool too. It was a moment of calm to take everything in, and the nearby flowers smelled amazing.


Most Stressful thing about your wedding day


A: Trying to make sure we didn’t see each other before the first look. Staying warm. All the people trying to take posed pictures with us.

T: Ditto on the selfie-takers. I was stressed with timing.  Really, I wanted the reception to start, and then to keep moving, and then the cake to happen at a certain time, and then the dancing to start. I was impatient to tear it up on the dance floor with my bride!

Any other comments

We had a lot of people come from out of town, so we are really glad we had parties planned with them at our house the day before and the day after. It was fun to see everyone from both sides of the family/friends interacting.

The ribbon wands were a huge hit! We got them for our send off after you {that’s me >> check out the post here } suggested some different send off props. The wands were passed around toward the end of the reception. Everyone loved them and was dancing with them.


Wedding Photography isn’t just my profession, it’s my passion. I enjoy crying with you, celebrating with you, stressing for you, and helping you tell this magnificent story. I am with each and every one of my wedding couples for every step of the way. From the moment you hire me for your wedding photography you know that you have hired a trusted professional. I will guide you through the process, making it the exciting and memorable. From timeline planning to album and wall art design, this is the full experience!

CONTACT me today to lock in 2017 pricing before 2018 prices take effect! I’m rad, you’re rad, let’s be rad together!

Special Spotlight on the Following Vendors that helped make this couples dream wedding a Reality!

Venue: Fort Worth Botanical Gardens || Dress/Veil: Jon’s Bridal (now called Truly Forever Bridal)|| Shoes: Macy’s || Hair: Jessica Stoughton  || Catering: Events by Chef Tyler || Floral: Art in Bloom + Ecoflower || Groom’s Accessories: Shoes- Allen Edmonds ; Belt- Orion Leather Company ; Watch: Seiko 5 || Groom’s Attire: Suit – Macy’s   ;Shirt- Charles Tyrwhitt  ; Tie- The Tie Bar  || Cake: Cake, Batter, and Bowl, by Sarah De Valdenebro|| Decor and Other Items: Archie’s GardenlandTerrariums || Rings/Earrings: Rod Stelter Jeweler || DJ: Jana Garcia



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