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Adventure Elopements


  • ... desperately want to find a balance between having the things you want and your soul needs, helping others, making an impact on this earth, and gaining experiences
  • ... are afraid the most meaningful moments in your life will pass by so fast that you won't remember them
  • ... want to leave a legacy that will inspire the next generation
  • ... put value into a trusting relationship so that you know the person you invite into this intimate moment in your life isn't an uneccesary addition
  • ... feel that wasting time is not an option. Being free to let the moments come organically and being directed, not posed is a huge priority

"Spirit is trying to take us somewhere, to move somewhere we have to be impacted. And we will impact others through the movement of our lives."


What does An Adventure Elopement Include?

Base Camp

+ Adventure Engagement Session 

* Engagement sessions are 1 hour (more if we travel) , gallery of images printable up to 8X10, 20% off all products, travel fees may apply*

+ 3 Hours of Consecutive Elopement coverage

+ Over the phone and in person/skype design sessions

+ Capture of video as well as stills  

+ Free video and photo slideshow teaser to share on social media

+ In person/skype image premiere and ordering session

+ Gallery of images printable up to 8X10 and shareable online 

$2000 + Travel Fees


Extra Rad Sprinkles on Top

+ 10% of every collection booked goes towards the couples charity of choice 

+ We use Eco- Conscious print labs to give you the best and lasting quality you deserve with less impact on the environment.  From our lab “Quality doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment.”

+ From the second you hire me you are never left alone in the planning process. I am there 100% to answer questions, vent to, offer advice, connect you with other vendors and resources. 

+ Please note that your premiere and ordering sessions are designed for me to help you through the ordering process, all wall art and coffee table albums are purchased through my store. See prices here ** 


Add Ons

+ photographer – $150/hour

+elopement time – $250/hour

+ additional ordering session – $99/hour

+ travel fees (flat rates for USA) – $2300

+ international travel ( please inquire) 

+ additional engagement time + $150/hour

+ additional engagement photographer – $100/hour


people kissing far away in the tap grass
bride holds grooms face as they go in for a kiss you Mexican wedding couple outside
white couple embracing in the trees during their adventure elopement photography

Are you Ready?

As always, 10% of every collection booked goes towards the couples cause of choice. However, book by April 1st, 2018 and 10% of your final product order will also go to the cause of your choice.

Record your legacy, give back, feed your soul.

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