pregnant mom holds curly haired daughter while dad kisses moms forehead and holds her pregnant belly

The Experience

Pudgy little hands, the sweetest coos and giggles, and the baby curls that straighten all too soon. While your love for your beautiful little family never fades, sometimes the most important details do. Giving yourself and your children the gift of a blissful family adventure is where you can excel. Crafting your story into a multi-generational experience is where I can.  

These, and others like them, are moments too precious to you to see them wistfully disappear. You value detail, raw emotion, texture, organic moments. You want to be able to remember the smallest things as life continues to grow and change around you. My goal is to engage every part of you, all of your senses. You may come to me for family portraits, boudoir, engagements or senior portraits, but what you get in return is something much more. You are going to get spirit, vulnerability and the details of your soul.

– From the very first initial inquiry I begin to formulate an experience for you and your family. A phone call shortly after becomes very important to the process of designing your experience. It’s where I not only begin to get to know you, but I also am able to quell any doubts or fears ou might have right at the beginning. I will be asking you to become completely open and vulnerable in front of the camera and it’s important to me that you trust me.

– Every session comes complete with an in person design session. It’s here that we get a chance to outline the story you would like to tell. We can go over product samples, and I can even meet you in your home to measure wall space for your image installation. No matter how we connect I will make sure to provide the coffee!

– You can also look forward to wardrobe styling for engagements, boudoirs, and family sessions. We will make sure to go over the general idea in your session design meeting. You will also have the opportunity to text me me any images of outfits you are considering. I will, in turn be sending you images of of things I find while out shopping. 

– I will be in constant contact, prepping you and your family before each session so that when it finally arrives you can let any anxieties go and truly enjoy yourselves.

  • During portrait sessions you can expect to be coached with emotional prompts that elicit genuine reactions. I will know before hand what is most important for you to remember and that’s what you will see throughout your finished gallery. You will be updated throughout the entire post process as I pick through and edit your images. Once your gallery is complete you can expect a social media announcement, an email or a phone call!
  • Next,  you can pop open the bubbly and head to your ordering appointment and image premiere . Often, these can be done in your own home! This is where you will get to view your gallery for the first time in a beautiful and emotive slideshow. After the slideshow I will give you a few minutes to go over your gallery in more detail while I set up your order form. We make a wish list first, from products you have already expressed interest in, with the images that you have fallen in love with. Then we simply tailor it to fit your home and budget and once all payments have been cleared your order will be sent off for printing. 
  • Delivery days are always special. Be sure to have tissues handy! Seeing your printed images for the first time is often overwhelming for many people. This is a beautiful thing and my most favorite part!

I’m so excited to invite you into the Velvet Sage family, I hope to hear from your soon!

Please give as much information as possible including theme, dates, times, coverage desired, products desired, a bit or your story, etc