It's no secret that photoshoots can be incredible sources of stress, if you don't have the right photographer to guide you.

Usually the first thing to stress out a family or couple is deciding what to wear! I am continuously looking for the perfect resources to help my clients create the most amazing looks and here is where we start.

Remember that I am also a valuable resource and you plan your photo shot looks. Simply text me a photo to get helpful feedback on clothing and accessories.

Start on my Pinterest boards to gain some inspiration and follow the tips below to create a photo shoot wardrobe to live for.

- Don't be afraid of color and patterns

- Say no no to neons

- Textures add depth without being too bold

- Don't match (unless they are Christmas pjs, then match always), the trick is to coordinate textures and colors without looking the same.

- When in doubt think, fitted men's clothing, brown leather, maxi skirts/dresses, lace, florals, baby rompers and ruffles...

- Dress to your comfort level. You want good balance between beings comfortable and looking good so that you look like you feel good in your images.

Where to find clothing

- Old Navy (looks for the whole family in all sizes)

- Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Freepeople ( pricier and sizes limited but still wonderful sources for beautifully textured women and men's clothing)

- Target (another great source for the whole family in all sizes)

^^ Style and Select is a game changer. This tool allows you to customize what you are looking for and searches their partnered sites to find you the looks! I have not invested in this tool for my clients as I am waiting on an update to include more size options. When that happens I will be able able to add this to my arsenal just for my clients. Until then, feel free to go to their site and try it out for yourself!