Bringing the Printed Image Back to Life

Hello and welcome! I feel so lucky to have you here looking through my website. Hopefully, it ignites your sense of adventure and makes you excited all over again about whatever life event you are going through.  Your love for the natural world and my love for the texture of your natural life are going to be great company.

I’m Katie Brown, owner and curator of Velvet Sage Photography. Included in my creative talent is role of wife to a beautiful man for the past (nearly) 11 years, and mother to the two most energetic little boys in the entire world. Creating great imagery is my solace in a crazy world, it brings me peace and ignites my need for adventure. Creating a beautiful, touchable print is part of that adventure. I will never get over the rush of pride that wells up inside me every time a client gets their final product. They cry, I cry, they scream for joy, I scream for joy! After a considerable amount of research in the market I have found that clients are generally less stressed, and happier with the total outcome when they are guided through the process of printing professional quality products over being given digital images and told to “have at it.”

Not only is it a big priority of mine, it is also how I have been able to separate myself from others in my line of work. It’s been a beautiful journey that has been carved with amazing clients who truly value their precious memories. As someone who has lost loved ones, and been subjected to personal hard drive crashes I have come to learn the value of a good print the hard way and I never want anyone else to have to go through the things I have to get to this point.

As always, Velvet Sage Photography is a safe place for LGBTQ couples, individuals and families, you are loved here.

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