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Katie Brown

A visual storyteller. That’s what I tell people my career is when they ask “What do you do?”

You are a vibrant and complex being, a god or goddess looking for truth and food for your fire. Why wouldn’t I tell that story? Why would I simply take some pretty pictures?

You desire adventure and freedom. The space around you is constantly vibrating with beautiful and fierce emotions.

Life simply, happens and it’s my job to make sure the story you want to tell the world is creatively curated.

My clients hire me for my vision, compassion, empathy and unfiltered love for each and every story I share. Here, you become family, here you are valued.







I take pride in every curated story I am allowed to tell, as such, I have made sure to share with the world, the beautiful and vulnerable moments I was privileged to be a part of. Here are my accomplishments.